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The Neighbourhood Support movement gains strength with every individual, family, street and organisation who joins. Together, we work to make our neighbourhoods and communities safer places in which to live.

We are eager to meet new partners to discuss a range of initiatives and activities.

We encourage you to support the organisations and businesses who support our work.

New Zealand Police has a very close working relationship with Neighbourhood Support New Zealand and provides prevention advice to all Neighbourhood Support Groups. The purpose of New Zealand Police is to ensure that everyone in our communities is safe and feels safe, ultimately making New Zealand the safest country in the world. We aim to have the trust and confidence of all, with the goals of reducing crime and victimisation, death and injuries on our roads and social harm in our communities. Our motto is “Safer communities together”.  View the NZ Police website

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA) is the overarching organisational body, embracing all neighbourhood watch programs in Australia and the Neighbourhood Support program of New Zealand

Community Patrols Reducing crime and building safer communities: Community Patrols is a voluntary group of people giving their time and taking responsibility within their community to help the Police make the local community safer for everyone.  View the Community Patrols website

The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM) provides leadership, knowledge and support in preparing, responding and recovering from emergency events, promoting the importance of creating connected communities. In an emergency your neighbours and wider community may need your help, or be able to help you. We work with Neighbourhood Support to encourage Kiwis to build stronger communities so we are better able to get through. 

Safelet is a smart and stylish safety bracelet that, with a simple press of a button, alerts your friends and family to your location and that you need help. Visit the Safelet website 
In the spirit of keeping Kiwi families safe, we have partnered with Safelet to support Women's Refuge. The Adopt a Safelet  programme aims to donate Safelet's to vulnerable women around New Zealand to ensure they are connected, protected and safe. 
Individually or as a group, you can raise money to adopt a Safelet, doing your part to help. We are grateful for support from individuals, families, businesses and community organisations nation-wide. 

Bryan & Bobby are big fans of Neighbourhood Support. Neighbourhoods make up our wonderful communities, therefore it is important to be involved and engaged with those around us!

Lottery Community provides grants for not-for-profit organisations with a community or social service focus for ongoing operating costs or projects which help the quality of people's lives in their communities View the Lottery Grants Board website 

SNAP (Serial Number Action Partnership) is an initiative of the New Zealand Police, aiming to prevent New Zealand burglary and property offending, and make it harder for criminals to sell stolen goods in New Zealand.  Visit the Snap Website

Crimestoppers aim to reduce victimisation and prevent and solve crime. Working together we can make it harder for criminals to operate and less likely that people in our community will become victims of crime.

Community Comms Collective are people volunteering their time to help community organisations communicate better.   From communications directors to recent graduates, there’re experts in writing, editing, social media, web usability, strategy, internal communications, media, stakeholder relations, marketing communications, change communications, branding and more.   www.communitycomms.org.nz

While proud of its print heritage, Yellow is now a 400-strong team of digital media and marketing experts committed to making New Zealand the most connected country in the world. With Yellow, White, 018, Wises, Menus, the New Zealand Tourism Guide and find, Yellow is New Zealand’s connection network. Today, somebody uses the Yellow network to find someone, somewhere or something, 15 million times every month. www.yellow.co.nz

The Southern Trust is one of the top 5 gaming trusts in New Zealand.  The philosophy of the Southern Trust is to ensure they demonstrate a broad approach to funding communities in New Zealand.  www.southerntrust.org.nz



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At the end of last year a man with mental issues had wandered away from his caregiver in Papamoa. “We used the Neighbourhood Support email network and within twenty minutes I had four people from the Neighbourhood Support community tell me where they had seen that male and that led us on a path to his location.”

Sergeant Phil Gillbanks

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